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Ever heard the phrase "Be careful what you wish for?" Perhaps not I guess. If you wish for something that you desire the most, it will be granted. But it may even backfire; even the most selfish wish of all could result into tragedy and despair. One wish could lead to unhappiness, another could lead to wrath. Wishes could come from a star upon the sky or a mythical being trap in a lamp. However there is one creature capable to make wishes come true but it comes with a price. It's known as an incubator.

These creatures came from somewhere far away; it is unknown where they're from. The incubators will grant a wish on anything you want, whether it is wealth, fame or anything your heart desires. But you must sign a contract with the incubator and in return you become a magical girl. The reason why is because certain girls can only see them.
Once the girl got their wish granted and become a magical girl, she must right evil entities known as witches, creatures born from grief and sadness. They are hidden from the world and spread their grief to other humans. When a magical girl defeats the witch, the witch itself becomes a grief seed and item to purify there soul gem.

But little is known about this as the incubators hide the dark truth from the unexpected magical girls. But that is enough of our history lesson on the incubators. It is time I tell you a story that I know of. Long ago, an incubator met a strange girl who lives in an unknown land. She wanted to be brave and strong, she wanted to fight for herself and never depend on others. The incubator was intrigued by this girl's desire to be strong willed and independent. The incubator happily offers her desire wish and made her a magical girl and sends her off into another world. This lasted for four months; the girl was sad and homesick. The life she is given was good but it doesn't replace her own.

She went to find the incubator and undo her wish, but the incubator refuses to. She may never return nor can she see her homeland again. This cause the girl to break into tears as she would never be able to go back ever again. This causes her soul gem to become corrupted and transform into a grief seed. As the witch was born, the incubator walked away, leaving the newly born witch alone.

This is the tale of the lost girl from the unknown lands known as . . . the Kingdom of Wishes.


".............Hey............Bro........" a voice was called "Get up Bro!"

A man with a mustache woke up from his slumber. He looks to his side to see his brother waking him up. "Mario, you seem to be a heavy sleeper." Said the brother "Remind me to get alarm clock next time where in Toad Town, ok?" The brother walked out of the room. The man name Mario got out of his bed and got himself dress up and by dress up I mean wearing his red shirt, blue overalls and trademark hat of his.

Mario is an Italian plumber from New York. However he and his brother Luigi enter into a strange yet bizarre world known as the Mushroom Kingdom. He and Luigi manage to save the Kingdom's Princess and they've been doing it for almost a long time as their primary say the least. When the princess isn't kidnap, the two usually spend time together, and of course do plumbing as well they're still plumbers you know.

Mario enters into a room where there is one table. The two spend their morning talking there talk about their days and of course. Mario even told his brother the time he had to save not only the princess but seven stars and of course his adventures of fighting machine monsters that came from the sky.

"Mail call!" A voice shouts out from a distance. Luigi walked out to get the mail that was delivered to them via a Paratroopa. As he came back, Luigi hold out a letter that is yellow with a blue star on it. "Hey Mario, seems we got a letter from someone." This caught Mario's interest; the two never seem to receive any mail from someone they don't know. Mario walked towards his brother to see the letter. "Hmm...Maybe they heard about use, why not read what it says?" Mario agreed as the two brothers read the anonymous letter.

"Dear Mario Brothers,
We heard about you and your tales about your adventures in the mushroom kingdom. We would like for the two of you to come to our kingdom and help us with something dire. We wish we could explain it but we want you two to come here so you would know what has happen. However, we cannot let you come to our Kingdom. So we will me you in town. We hope to see you soon."

"Hmm...Seems like we need to check this out, eh bro?" said Luigi. Mario nodded back. Whoever wanted there help must be in need.

Somewhere in Toad Town, the Mario bros. search around looking for whoever sent the letter. They don't know what their names are in the letter, they even didn't leave out there initial at all. But if they do meet the anonymous writers, they might find out more...or not.

"Are you the red and green ones name Mario and Luigi?"

The two bros look at the stranger in a cloak. "Yup, the one and only Mario and Luigi." said Luigi. The stranger smiled and said "Ah, I knew I would find you. I never thought that would be easy to spot two plumbers in the streets of mushroom people." Mario and Luigi looked at each other in confusion. "Oh it doesn't matter; we must focus on the matter at hand now. But we must go to a place quiet." The Mario Bros. follow the stranger out of Toad Town so they could talk. "Hate to ask but, why do we need to speak in private?" said Luigi. The stranger stopped as he looked at the brothers and began to speak.

"Mario brothers, I have come from a far off land in need of your assistance. The King asked me to find a very important girl that has been gone for a long time." Luigi ask the stranger "Did someone kidnap her or perhaps ran away?" the stranger shook "I'm afraid she hasn't been kidnap for quite some time, so she could of ran off somewhere...We don't know where she is nor why she left so suddenly. We are afraid that she may have gone off to the forbidden lands." Mario thought about this and asked the stranger about the forbidden lands. "Ah yes, it seems that the forbidden lands is a place we never speak about. But...we don't know if she went there or not. After many months of searching, our Queen asked us to find experts on finding her. The King than asked some of our finest knights to find her but the Queen had something else in mind."

"And that's why she send you here to find us?" asked Luigi.

"Precisely, she heard about your tales of rescuing a princess from the evil king of Koopas. My Queen sent me here to find this long lost girl, she is needed for our Kingdom please." Mario thought some more and asked him another question if this girl is a princess. The stranger responded "I don't think she is a princess but she is more important to the kingdom than any other. But we ask you, please find this girl and we would be in debt to you."

"You can count on us, me and my bro rescue the princess and save the world from any threats and dangers." said Luigi.

The stranger felt happy "Oh thank the stars! I knew I could count on you. By the way you may call me Petta. I must take my leave now, the Queen will be very happy." Than Petta take her leave.

Mario looked at his brother and asked where they going to start. "Hmm...Well we should ask Merlon for help don't you think?" Mario nodded in agreement as the two head back to Toad Town to meet up with Merlon.

And this is where are tale begins.
This is a crossover fanfic of Super Mario and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I wanted this to be up when I finish the first chapter but I haven't gotten around due to...uhh things. But I manage to get around putting up.

If there is anything I need to improve on or change anything at all, please let me know.

Super Mario (c) Nintendo

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (c) SHAFT & Aniplex
Kigurou-Enkou Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Student Writer
A Madoka X Mario fanfic?! OH HELL YES-- I MEAN NO, I MEAN YES, I MEAN-- I dunno what my reaction should be XP

So far, I like this intro! I know what will probably happen since this is freaking Madoka, but I like how you depict the life of Mario and Luigi normally, like this is their daily job. I like it, and I'm very intrigued!
HydroCherri Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Student
Thanks and don't worry it's not one of those x stories, I'm not that nuts.
Kigurou-Enkou Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Student Writer
Nah, that 'x' symbol is my way of saying that it's a crossover story
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