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*drops suitcases* That was one of the- Oh hey! I didn't know you still be here, anyways, yeah I am back from my vacation from walfas....sort of. Anyways, will i get back to walfasing again, perhaps, maybe. I do feel like doing some walfas stuff again. But we'll see in the future.

Also doing mermaid designs again, thanks for the help from Kaztle and Sorachi-Jirachi I got some mermaid designs ready to go. It's not much but i thought maybe I can get a few points(also Core is too expensive for my blood so i might commission others instead by using points). I'll get to uploading them now later this day.

Lastly I got a secret OC in the works and a plan to make more stuff here, what is it, what will it be about, who is this OC, you have to wait and find out.

Anyways, that's all I can say on the matter....and yes DHL Ch 4.5 is still a thing, Alyss is working on her novel during NaNoWriMo.......thingamajig. When will that come back, I am not sure, ask her. Anyways see ya.


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I was here before...just didn't know what to do since then.

Oh well, might as well get a fresh start anyway...or not.

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