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Dear :iconsaphaianefertiti: and :icondisgaea4everdood: ...why you make me do this. >:C

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Let's go an fight! by HydroCherri

1. Linda's story was suppose to hold some elements from Okami and probably make fun of the battle system in that game which was scrapped.

2. The character was based off of the female Samurai from the Disgaea series.

3. She seems to have a habit of playing video game which is outside of the story.

4. Her fighting style would depend on her weapon she wield, what other weapons she hold...not gonna say.

5. nothing else....seriously, I have no other facts for her. :C

6. Well there is one, I rarely draw her and not sure if i have the right character design in mind.

7. Ok, I really got no other fact for her.

8. Seriously I don't have another face, sorry. :/

Rhonda by HydroCherri

1. Rhonda was created on the Wii using Mii Maker, she has been my Mii around since then, in fact I use her Mii at times, she is like my mascot at times.

2. Her mermaid design once had her shown a light blue bikini top.

3. the original story line has been change multiple times, ranging from her being a born mermaid, to a normal girl turn mermaid.

4. Rhonda always wears glasses, even underwater, she always wear them even if her eyes can see perfectly underwater.

5. Rhonda wasn't always a mermaid as she would be human from the beginning

6. I once use Rhonda as a character creation in certain video games, even using her Mii in some Nintendo games, including Smash bros and Mario Kart 8.

7. Before the rewrite of her stories, one of them has her mom disowning her as she want to continue and not be a parent for a girl she would have. This would give the hint that Rhonda's mom would hate her daughter for ruining her life.

8. Rhonda is my go to use to requesting her in a picture, she is my mascot(second) after all.

Since I have been tagged twice...16 PEOPLE I WILL TAG! Nah, I will tag the amount of people I want....but first.

:icondisgaea4everdood: anyone

:iconsaphaianefertiti: Kasalaria

Revenge. >:C

Now one to the people i tag

:iconmythkaz: OC0227 and/or Remila

:iconcaptainface: Ophelia or Gameka

:iconbobomagroto: Anyone you want

:iconsorachi-jirachi: Sylvia

:iconprincessskyler: Um..anyone?

:iconrubylemonlimeade: Susan


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I was here before...just didn't know what to do since then.

Oh well, might as well get a fresh start anyway...or not.

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