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Yup, I said....I have pretty much had a bad luck this year and I wasn't in the right mindset when I was making content....what little there is here ^^;

As soon as DHL Ch 4.5 started it came to a halt and my life gone on a roller coaster, behind the scene stuff, dramatic nonsense happen and I feel like I have been through a lot of shit lately. After tying up loose ends and burring the hatched, I decided to hang up my create.swf file and just take a long three month break right now. Which means no more walfas stuff and no DHL terms of walfas, I might draw something related to Linda and the others.

So what's gonna happen here then, will there be content...i doubt it but I will try and put some stuff here and there.

I think I said what I needs to be said. So even if you decided to unwatch me, thinking I gave up, I'm just taking a vacation from walfas is all. I need to get myself better, fresh air, maybe try and do something else for a change.

So with that, I'll be seeing you....whatever. *walks off into the sunset*
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I was here before...just didn't know what to do since then.

Oh well, might as well get a fresh start anyway...or not.

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Happy late birthday sorry. And hello I'm Leo tanegawa real name Jaydon smith. Go on my profile and my id for more info I hood we can be friends!
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